Government support
for small and medium enterprises

Special tax regimes,
preferential use of state property,
state-sponsored financing

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Small and mid-sized businesses, including foreign ones enjoy a variety of support options provided by the Russian government.

These measures include tax breaks and lowered social tax rates (15 % instead of the regular 30%), simplified reporting procedures, preferential use of state property, financial and informational support from the government and many more.

Take our short questionnaire to see if your company qualifies for additional government support!

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What is your legal form?

What is your revenue for 2019 in Russian Ruble without VAT?

What is your head count?

Does your company have a foreign shareholder?*

Is the share of the foreign shareholder:

Does your foreign shareholder with 50%+ share meet the criteria of small and medium enterprise (up to 2 bln Russian Ruble revenue for 2018/2019 and head count up to 250 employees)?

Please, answer all the questions to receive the estimation.

* Your foreign shareholder should not be registered in one of the offshore zones.

Based on the information you provided, you may be eligible for government support as a small and medium sized business, including government financing and special tax regimes!

Contact us to learn how SCHNEIDER GROUP can help you take advantage of this opportunity!

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Based on the information you provided, you likely do not qualify for government support.

However, the final decision about the opportunity of including your company into the official Register of small and medium enterprises can be decided only after precise study of your documents. Contact us to find out how SCHNEIDER GROUP can help you gain this status and the benefits that come with it!

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For more than 15 years, SCHNEIDER GROUP has provided its international clients with the market entry, advisory, and back-office services they need to expand their business into or within Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Our services include support in the settlement of disputes and advice on a broad range of legal issues with a focus on compliance, migration, labor, contract, and corporate law, market entry support, accounting outsourcing, tax consulting, import, and ERP systems (1C, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV).


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